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The Human-Animal Connection 

The Human-Animal Connection brings people and animals together for the benefit of both.  Our services are free for veterans and their families.  We offer several programs, from bringing therapy animals to people, teaching classes in resilience and life skills inspired by animals, and train those people who want to volunteer to work with shelter animals.  We often work with shelter animals who are shy, scared, under-socialized, and thus might not have a chance at adoption.  We teach veterans how to work with these animals, encourage fostering (for a day, or a few weeks, or months) and help pair those who are looking to adopt an emotional support or companion animal.  For more information please visit our website TheHumanAnimalConnection.org  or email GenieJoseph9@gmail.com

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Karen L. Kuciver

Tucson, Arizona



Julia Henry

Sierra Vista, Arizona



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