El Tour De Tucson

Charity, community, health and wellness are what Perimeter Bicycling and El Tour are all about. They all go hand-in-hand when it comes to building awareness for a bike ride that has been part of the Tucson community for nearly four decades.

As we head into the 38th anniversary of El Tour de Tucson, Perimeter Bicycling wants to emphasize that El Tour de Tucson enables nonprofit, charitable agencies to raise funds for their respective organizations. 

In 2019, we reached a significant milestone in being the facilitator for helping charities go over the $100 million mark through Perimeter’s 37 years of charity work. In 2019, charities raised more than $5.8 million, moving the overall total to $101 million since El Tour started in 1983.

El Tour has come a long way, given in that 1983 with fewer than 200 cyclists, El Tour raised $4,500 in its first ride.

Since then, more than 270,000 cyclists have ridden in Perimeter events. El Tour, of course, has grown considerably since its inception, but the message has long been constant: charity, community, health and wellness through a strong and committed group of nonprofits, thousands of dedicated cyclists and volunteers who know the power of teamwork.


The Human-Animal Connection 

The Human-Animal Connection brings people and animals together for the benefit of both.  Our services are free for veterans and their families.  We offer several programs, from bringing therapy animals to people, teaching classes in resilience and life skills inspired by animals, and train those people who want to volunteer to work with shelter animals.  We often work with shelter animals who are shy, scared, under-socialized, and thus might not have a chance at adoption.  We teach veterans how to work with these animals, encourage fostering (for a day, or a few weeks, or months) and help pair those who are looking to adopt an emotional support or companion animal.  For more information please visit our website TheHumanAnimalConnection.org  or email GenieJoseph9@gmail.com

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Flutes for Vets

The Flutes for Vets Mission is to Improve the Lives of our fellow Veterans by empowering and inspiring them through the sharing of the Healing Power of the Native American Style Flute! 
Born out of a desire to offer some peace and opportunities to grow personally to Veterans. We teach veterans, active military and support family members how to play the Native American style flute for free, and give them each a free flute!

The sound of these flutes is relaxing and can calm and focus the mind and body like meditation does. Learning to play the flute adds another dimension of increased confidence and a tool for immediate calming, that surpasses just listening to someone else play. The most amazing aspect of this is that this ancient instrument is So easy to learn! You don’t need to know Anything about music to play it! Just 6 notes and a little instruction will get you started on your journey to freedom! For more information please visit our website https://www.flutesforvets.org/ or  email Twinfeathers at  flutesforvets@gmail.com


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