Christina McSwain

U.S Army Veteran

The Womens Warriors organization and Mrs. Karen have been so wonderful to me and my babies. I'm grateful for the connection and I tell her I really appreciate the help and guidance every time i see her. The Women Warriors provided me with diapers, clothes, and toys for my boys. They also provided me with the necessary funds to move into my own apartment after leaving a domestic violence shelter. I only receive a small amount of disability payment after being discharged from the Army; Karen has gone above any beyond to assist me in anyway she can. I recommend the to any female veteran who needs a helping hand.

Helen Chiagouris

U.S Army Veteran

Women Warriors has helped me and my family in so many ways, and right on time! I have spoke to Karen on many occasions at the (TVSV) Tucson Veterans Serving Veterans. Karen could see through my shell that I needed assistance, event though I was hesitant to say I needed help I eventually gave in and had a long talk with her about my situation. She has helped with legal issues helping my pregnant daughter, all the way to helping my son during his surgery diet transitions. I am so grateful for Karen and Women Warriors, without them I don't know what I would have done, Thank you so much!


             Karen L. Kuciver

              Tucson, Arizona



                 Julia Henry

            Sierra Vista, Arizona


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