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Impact Stories


Tammy Edison

US Army 

The Women Warriors are a great organization, I say this because I am one of them. Also, when I moved here seven years ago to the great City of Tucson I was so grateful to have met Karen. Even though I just met her a few months ago I would just like to say that Karen is awesome and the most amazing lady I've ever met she is kind considerate and compassionate and if you give this organization a chance she will do the same for you and I mean that with love in my heart and my Soldier on my sleeve. I will most definitely recommend this origination to my sister, she and I both served since she is the picture with me. This organization is a breath of fresh air they gave giving me clothes toiletries and stuff that I needed in a dire time and I am truly grateful for them and the work they do for me and my family and most of all my 9-year-old little boy I would also like to thank them for just being there for me whenever I needed them and Karen most of all is the best.


Jessica Treece-Costello

US  Army

Years ago I first met the Founder of WW (Karen) in a College course that we took together. Only if I knew meeting this person would change the course of my life forever!

With that being said, I am medically retired Army, and an Army Wounded Warrior. At the time, when WW came in the picture I was going through a horrible divorce, and became a single mom of 2 younger children, unemployed but looking for work, and going to school full-time. I was struggling badly to make ends meet let alone survive with 2 children, on the verge of being homeless. If it wasn’t for them I would’ve never made it.
They gave me the opportunity to grow, gain a family, and stand strong on my feet again. The opportunity they gave me allowed me to become EMT/Firefighter, and I’m about to finish my last year of my BSN of Nursing.

Now I’m giving back and joined the board of WW to help people just like me do the same! WW is my forever family and have welcomed me with open arms! 100% one of the most generous, honorable, loving, non-judgmental nonprofits I know!


Rebecca Duggan

US Army

My name is Rebecca Duggan and I’m an Army veteran. I served from 1997-2000. I was introduced to Karen Kuciver and Women Warriors at the beginning of this year. I was getting treatment at the Tucson VA hospital residential program for my PTSD. I was in a very sad and lonely place mentally and emotionally. She donated clothes, lotion, and makeup to me. I felt so undeserving of this kindness. I felt so guilty about taking anything. That act of grace and kindness made me feel worthy again. When she told me she needed help I didn’t hesitate to offer. I want to pay it forward to The Women Warrior Program. Karen and the whole Women Warriors Board of women have made me feel so welcome. Thank you so much for everything.


Helen Chiagouris

US Army 

Women Warriors has come to my aid rescue every time I have needed them. I am a female veteran and met Ms. Karen at the 2018 Tucson Veterans Standdown. At that time was I was going through hard times with no direction. With the help of Karen and Woman Warriors, I am rebuilding my life with positive influences. Woman Warriors have been there for me and my family with something so simple as providing a Blender to help with my son's mixture of food to diapers for my grandbabies. I thank God every day for these women and the help they have provided for me and my family. A little bit of love goes a long way.


Christina McSwain

US Army

The Women Warriors organization and Ms. Karen have been so wonderful to me and my babies. I’m grateful for the connection and I tell her every time I see her that I really appreciate the help and the guidance that they have been provided to and for me. The Women Warriors Organization provided me with clothes, diapers, and toys for my twin boys. They also provided me with the necessary funds to move into my own apartment after leaving a domestic violence shelter. I can’t say enough about Karen and the Women Warriors Organization as they to this day they continue to provide me with the everyday essentials that I need to survive. I only receive a small amount of disability payment after being medically discharged from the Army and am on the HUD-VASH program. Karen calls and or texts me every day to make sure I have everything I need for the day. Karen has gone above any beyond to assist me in anyway She has also provided me with a laptop so that I can pursue an online job and hopefully school once the boys get a little older. I recommend them to any female Veteran who needs a helping hand.

Screenshot 2021-05-29 130543.jpg

Renee Sutton

US Air Force 

Karen listened to me detail my situation and came to the rescue with abundant resources to help my son and I as we are just transitioning out of homelessness. She literally took me into her arms and made me feel like everything was going to be okay; for the first time in years. I'm blessed to have this organization behind my son and I 100%. 

Screenshot 2021-05-29 131537.jpg

Maya Neal

US Army

Women Warriors Organization has made a significant difference in my life. I was lucky enough to meet Karen at the VA during a time where I was very low in my life. I had just lost all my belongings and was having to start from scratch. Along with that, I was joining the impatient rehabilitation program for substance abuse. I was and am done with that life. Karen was very kind to me, letting me vent and offering advice. It really helped to hear that another person had been through what I was going through. She gave  me her card, and I emailed. That Saturday she brought clothes for me to go through. I included three other female Veterans that are in the program so that they could look through all the boxes as well. She also brought us some toiletries. She was so helpful I was beyond thankful. The next weekend Women Warriors took us to get some undergarments. Already Women Warriors has given so much I am incredibly grateful. Without this organization, I would not have any clothes or underwear, and I also wouldn't have the role model and friend I found in Karen. I now make sure all my Veteran friends know about Women Warriors and where they can always go for help. Thank you


US Army

I recently needed rental assistance. I received rental assistance. I am so grateful that I came in to check on the possibilities. I am no one special and to receive this help changed my life for the better. I am so grateful to Women Warriors.

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