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The Need

Wendy's Collection Boutique has been created to help provide a stable funding source to support the Women Warriors Program, helping to sustain, maintain, and grow the operation of the Women Warriors Program while also providing no-cost clothing and goods as well as job-training and skills development to the program participants enabling them to become self-supporting. 

The community continues to support the Boutique through the donation of goods to the boutique,  and we are currently overflowing with clothing, household goods and personal items stretching our storage capacity and resources.

In order to grow the programs, we must continue to find ways to grow the sources of revenue they rely upon for funding, increasing our stability and ability to continue to reach and serve those in need. 

To this end, we are asking our supporters to step up and help us by supporting our new capital campaign aimed at expanding our boutique and with it our ability to serve more female Veterans in the greater Tucson area and in Cochise county. Please contact us directly to learn more. 

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