Karen Laass- President of Women Warriors   

I moved to Tucson 8 years ago and have fallen in love with this diverse climate! I am an Army Veteran, Active and Reserve, stationed in Germany, Washington State, and North Carolina. My partner, John, and I share a home with six kids between us and two dogs. I am a career office ninja and am currently the Chief Operating Officer with Envirosystems Manufacturing LLC. In my leisure, I fill my time with mountain/road biking, hiking, camping, gardening, reading and spending time with my family and friends. I am truly blessed to be part of such an amazing organization and I look forward to seeing how I can make a difference! 

Angel Viano- Vice-President of Women Warriors  

I am originally from Michigan, joined the US Air Force to see the world and  I did. I lived on three continents and, here in America, in 6 states. Final state was Arizona, where I have lived for 38 years.

My Bachelor's degree is in Business Management and my Master's degree is in Counseling.

While in AZ I became a Behavioral Consultant (20+ years), then a Psychotherapist until I retired in 2019. I am looking forward to traveling to our great national parks starting in 2022.

I like time in nature (maybe not in storms), visiting friends, traveling, summer playtime in my pool, helping out in my community. Love to sing (terrible singing voice), enjoy small gatherings (don't like crowds). I used to enjoy time with horses but haven't been around them regularly in years.

I am persistent (9 years and 3 continents to get my Bachelor's degree). While I really enjoy researching topics of interest online, I do not do facebook, twitter, tiktok, face time, skype, etc.

I am excited to be part of the WW program. The staff is dedicated to the mission, values, and goals-my kind of organization!


Susan L. Hemme CPA - Treasurer of Women Warriors  
My husband and I moved to Vail 3 years ago and love the Tucson/Vail community. I have been a Certified Public Accountant for 28 years and currently have my own firm in Tucson. I have served on a number of nonprofit boards as treasurer, finance committee/audit committee chair, as well as officer positions and CFO for two organizations. I love getting involved in the community and am looking forward to working with the board of this amazing organization.

Mariah Ellis- Secretary of Women Warriors 

Born and raised in Indiana, I have a BS in Animal Agribusiness from Purdue University. My dream was always to go to vet school and run my own clinic. As normal, life had other plans, but I stayed in the doggie daycare and kennel industry after college until my father and I moved to Arizona in late-2015.  We moved in together so I could be his caregiver if his MCI progresses into Alzheimer's, and I started The Organized Dane (and later Defense Power and MSEdits). I am very involved (at least until Covid hit) in the Alzheimer's Association and with Tell Me A Good Story.

Ellis PIC.jpg