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Support Local

This page is dedicated to Pima Counties' small local businesses that support both Women Warriors and Wendy's Collection Boutique in their mission to assist female Veterans. 


The term "Salsa" means one thing to the vast majority of people who consume it here in the United States. A simple sauce to dip their chips into...However, you may be surprised to know that, that very same term of "salsa" translates differently and in a variety of ways to the ones who take the ingredients and transform it into various forms through a bounty of different preparations. Salsa can be smooth, coarse, even creamy for that matter. To achieve any of these states of salsa goodness depends on how you choose to handle the ingredients to your dish. Your choices range from either Boiling(Hervir), Grilling(Asada), Frying(Freir), or Blackening(Tatemada). No matter what you choose, if you handle your ingredients properly, you're going to be in love with the results!! Or you can just order salsa from us and save yourselves the cleanup. That's what we call a "win win"!!!


A Women/Veteran Owned Company


We are American's and when times get tough, we get tougher!  

  When the pandemic hit, cities were on lockdown, businesses & schools closed,.   Instead of getting depressed, I decided to make use of my spare time.  That's when I found my passion for making my own candles and wanted to share them with friends and family.  Long story short, my husband Manny and I decided to start our own small business.  Products are purchased and made in the USA, Woman & Veteran Owned & proud sponsors of  Women Warriors.

Much love and respect, Anna Salce - Aros 

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